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SpanishAS Level

Did you know that there are more people who speak Spanish as a first language than speak English as a first language? Or that there’s a family relationship between Spanish and German? Learn the Spanish language whilst exploring and investigating different aspects of Spanish life and culture. Develop your knowledge of the Spanish language and you will be able to communicate with people across the world whilst learning more about Hispanic Culture.

With 329 million native speakers, Spanish ranks as the world’s No. 2 language in terms of how many people speak it as their first language. It is slightly ahead of English (328 million). Spanish has at least 3 million native speakers each in 44 countries, making it the fourth mostly geographically widely spoken language behind English.

  • Spanish opens up so many opportunities in life and allows you to travel widely as well as being a really fun course
  • My whole family speaks some Spanish and I’d love to live there in the future. I now know I have the tools to make my dream come true

Course Content

Paper 1

A listening assessment based on a recording and a reading assessment where Students will respond to comprehension questions based on a variety of contexts and sources. An unseen passage to be translated from Spanish to English.

Paper 2

A translation of a previously unseen passage from English to Spanish and a grammar exercise. An essay based on the Spanish language text or film that you will study.

Paper 3

Oral exam – within the topic of changes in Spanish society students answer questions on a stimulus document and then discuss a theme related to Spanish music, media or traditions.

Key Facts

  • Course Level A Level
  • Assessment Breakdown Examination 100% (Writing, Reading, Listening and Oral)
  • Assessor Edexcel
  • Entry Requirements Minimum 5+ Levels 4-9, Spanish GCSE 6 grade minimum.
  • Online Learning Materials Interactive courses on our VLE including forums and online assessment