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Grade 2018 2017
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HistoryAS Level

British Political History and European History is a study of the colourful characters of the 19th and 20th centuries. You will be taught using a wide variety of resources, from film, the internet, support pages and course reading. The study of the past is crucial for understanding the present, and therefore develops in students a greater awareness of the world in which they live.

The course is also important for the skills that it develops, such as the ability to communicate a powerful and effective argument. The ability to analyse and evaluate sources of information and then use that information to form judgements about the past.

Course Content

Unit 1

Britain 1930-1997 - A study of British Prime Ministers and governments starting at Winston Churchill, running through key events in 20th century British History and ending with the Labour victory in 1997 under Tony Blair. The is split between a depth study on Churchill, analysing him actions and opinions both in and out of power, and post-war British political History, covering events such as the formation of the EEC, the rise and fall of Trade Unions and Britain’s place in the Cold War. (1½ hour exam – 25%)

Unit 2

The Unification of Italy, 1789-1896 – A case study of how a country is born. In 1789 ‘Italy’ was merely a geographical expression, and very few people believed that one day it would become a nation. Yet by 1861 almost all of Italy had been unified. This course charts this incredible journey, through foreign rule, philosophical debates on what makes a ‘nation’, revolutions, legendary tales of bravery, diplomacy, political turmoil and eventual unification. (1 hour exam – 15%)

Unit 3

Personal Investigations - Personal investigation into an aspect of Nazi Germany. Choose from analysing the origins of the Holocaust, women in Nazi Germany, analysis of Hitler’s dictatorship or the extent to which coercion was relied upon within Nazi Germany. (One 4000 word essay – 20%)

Unit 4

Russia and its Rulers, 1855-1964 – A comparative study of the different governments of the tsars and the Bolsheviks, and the 9 months of doomed democracy sandwiched in between. We look at the ideologies, repressive tendencies, economic approaches, impacts of war and abilities to deal with the Russian Empire of both the tsars and the communists. A synoptic paper involving comparisons of similarity, difference and change over time. (2½ hours – 40%)

Key Facts

  • Course Level A Level
  • Assessment Breakdown Examination 80% Coursework 20%
  • Assessor OCR
  • Entry Requirements Minimum 5+ Levels 4-9. 6+ in History GCSE
  • Online Learning Materials Interactive courses on our VLE including forums and online assessment