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Government & PoliticsAS LevelA2 Level

This course is dynamic and modern, studying politics at an advanced level including topics such as protest and dissent, the power of the mass media, the monarchy, nationalism and voting behaviour. The course examines concepts such as power, freedom, democracy, class, toleration and citizenship.

Students will engage with contemporary politics, reflecting current political debates such as where does power really lie and why the number of people voting in elections is declining. It will broaden political awareness and open up a wide range of careers, whilst developing critical thinking skills, analysis of the changing dynamics of modern politics and the ability to interpret, evaluate and comment.

Course Content

At AS the specification gives students a broad understanding of the UK political system, including the role of elections, political parties and pressure groups and how policy is made : Political parties, UK ethics, Voting behaviour, pressure groups, the executive, the judiciary , the legislative, EU (2 x 1.5hr exams)

Key Facts

  • Course Level AS/A2 Level
  • Assessment Breakdown Examination 100%
  • Assessor OCR
  • Entry Requirements Minimum 5+ Levels 4-9. 5+ English Language.
  • Online Learning Materials Interactive courses on our VLE including forums and online assessment