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GermanAS Level

German is the most widely spoken native language in the EU and belongs to the three most learned languages in the world, as well as the ten most widely spoken languages in the world. German is the official language in seven European countries is spoken by over 100 million people world-wide. It is also one of the top five most widely used languages online.

German is a key language in the European Union and the new economies of Central and Eastern Europe. Learning German improves your chances of success in the job market where more and more companies deal internationally. Multinational business opportunities exist throughout the European Union and in Eastern Europe, where German is the second most spoken language after Russian.

  • Germany is full of fascinating history and culture and learning the language is a great way to access that. Ich liebe Deutsch!
  • I can't believe how much my German has improved over the last year. Arguing about cheesy German pop music with Mrs Morfitt is one of the highlights.
  • Although I found German a bit easier as I used to live there, I still enjoyed continually learning new aspects of the language and German history.

Course Content

Paper 1

A listening assessment based on a recording and a reading assessment where Students will respond to comprehension questions based on a variety of contexts and sources. An unseen passage to be translated from German to English.

Paper 2

A translation of a previously unseen passage from English to German and a grammar exercise. An essay based on the German language text or film that you will study.

Paper 3

Oral exam – within the topic of changes in German society students answer questions on a stimulus document and then discuss a theme related to German music, media or traditions.

Key Facts

  • Course Level A Level
  • Assessment Breakdown Examination 100% (Writing, Reading, Listening and Speaking)
  • Assessor Edexcel
  • Entry Requirements Minimum 5+ Levels 4-9. German GCSE 6 grade minimum
  • Online Learning Materials Interactive courses on our VLE including forums and online assessment