Drama and TheatreAS LevelA2 Level

There is something very special about live performance to an audience. With this course you will experience that magic while gaining a deeper, richer understanding of how theatre works. This course is for you if you enjoyed GCSE Drama and you wish to develop your skills and understanding of drama and theatre to a higher level.

There will be countless opportunities to be a performer, designer and an active audience member. The emphasis is always on practical work and ideal for those who enjoy working with other students on practical and challenging tasks.

  • To be able to analyse and work with some of the most powerful and thought provoking texts ever written, in a fun and creative way is amazing
  • Drama allows me to be someone else, to explore so many emotions - it's so rewarding

Course Content

Unit 1: Practitioners in Practice (40%)

Section 1 - Learners will research and explore practically the work of others including:

- Two practitioners of the centre's choice
- One extract from a centre-chosen performance text

Section 2 - Learners create a devised performance influenced by their exploration of the work of others from Section 1. In this section learners complete a portfolio of evidence of the practical work they have created and developed during the devising process. This will include analysis and evaluation of their own work.

Section 3 - Learners design for the final polished devised piece of drama or theatre and realise their designs in a performance for an audience. This section requires learners to create and develop ideas to communicate meaning, gaining an understanding of the skill set needed to work on a performance.

Unit 2: Exploring and Performing Theatre (20%)

Learners are required to study one performance text in its entirety and work collaboratively to perform part of the text. The text to be studied will be selected by the centre. Texts should allow sufficient opportunity for learners to work in depth on their acting skills.

Learners will explain their artistic intention for their performance in the concept pro forma found on the OCR website.

Key Facts

  • Course Level AS/A2 Level
  • Assessment Breakdown Year 1 AS LevelUnit 1 Practitioners in Practice 40% Unit 2 Exploring and Performing Theatre 20%Year 2 A2 LevelUnit 3 Analysing Performance 20%Unit 4 Deconstructing Texts for Performance 20%
  • Assessor OCR
  • Entry Requirements 5+ Levels 4-9, Drama GCSE preferred
  • Online Learning Materials Interactive courses on our VLE