Applied Science (Level 3)Btec

Studying Applied Science will provide a rounded experience of all 3 Sciences. Biology topics such as Osmosis, nerve impulses and cell structure will give a really good basis for further study in the areas of animal care, horticulture and healthcare. Chemistry topics range from the Periodic table to intermolecular forces, giving a strong learning basis for anything in the material sciences or linked to product design. The Physics topics cover waves and their properties and uses for those of a mathematical mind. The assignments in Y1 are centred around lab skills and Chemistry practicals, requiring an organised portfolio of results and conclusions to be presented.

The course contains a large amount of practical work and focuses on strengthening laboratory skills and techniques which are very transferable into other areas of study or work. These also cover all 3 Sciences and range from Ecological investigations to electronics, biological processes to energys in Chemistry. The second year requires the application of skills in a practical exam and the ability to draw conclusions from statistical tests and secondary data. The assignments are related to healthcare issues and their treatment, making this a very interesting module for anyone hoping to work within the healthcare profession.

Course Content

Four units are studied over the 2 year course. The units studied in year 12 are:

Unit 1

Principles and Applications of Science - exam unit

Unit 2

Practical Scientific Procedures and Techniques - assignment unit

TThe units studied in year 13 are:

Unit 3

Science Investigation Skills - practical task and exam unit

Unit 8

Physiology of the Human Body System - assigment unit

Key Facts

  • Course Level BTEC (Level 3)
  • Assessment Breakdown Unit 1 25% (external exam) Unit 2 25% (internal assignments) Unit 3 33% (external exam) Unit 8 17% (internal assignments)
  • Assessor Edexcel
  • Entry Requirements Minimum 5+ Levels 4-9.
  • Online Learning Materials All resources shared on OneNote